Kavalier Boutique Hotel offers maximum emotion from the amazing city of Lviv - unusual trips, until the end of yet unknown Lviv at your disposal. We can organize any tour of your choice!

We recommend to visit the most interesting:

«Lviv on the verge of sky!»

Immense, epic Lviv exclusive! Join up! Panoramas that will take your breath away and stories that will excite your imagination! Moreover – you’ll get a chance to take superb photos that will envy even those who are repeated visitors in Lviv. For two hours the guide will introduce you to the best attractions of the city. You will be able to climb on the roofs only we have access to.

The underground of Lviv

Let's go down with you for several meters under the city! Visit the dungeon under the circles of the Dominicans monastery, the special keys open the 18th century castle and visiting the Church. And what about the idea of putting on helmets and going to mine where coffee is digging?

Lost Lviv

There are fascinating areas only a few steps away from Rynok Square that are completely unknown to tourists. It’s too bad because they are definitely worth seeing! Ancient suburbs such as Kastelivka, Baiky (or “professor’s colony”) are fascinating areas built around the end of the 19th-beginning of the 20th century with magnificent buildings and are surrounded by beautiful parks. The architects of this part of the city were actually the first people who organized an excursion for the Galician Governor Graf Badeni. Our journey will transport you back to an unusual and mysterious Lviv era during the Austro-Hungarian and inter-war period, a time which the old citizens of Lviv miss very much. We will see the spot where a member of the OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) shot at a soviet consul; we’ll take a look at a mysterious house-castle; we’ll learn about the dark secrets of Lviv’s antiquarians and collectors, and about the bizarre architectural design of Ms. Franz’s palace. You will discover how and where Lviv citizens tried to bottle the city’s first mineral water. And of course, we will take a ride on Lviv’s tram, a favorite subject of local poets, old and new.