Kavalier Boutique Hotel offers maximum emotion from the amazing city of Lviv - unusual trips, until the end of yet unknown Lviv at your disposal. We can organize any tour of your choice!

We recommend to visit the most interesting:


In Lviv, there is no sea, but there is an ocean of pleasure!
For example ... How to become a real Lviv batjars a short time? We will help you with this. Make us your "Batyarskuyu dream!"
Getting immersed in a "sea" of Lviv beer on a special "Beer Square."
We continue ... How the best beer restaurant "Naftula Töpfer" to lure customers mustache owner? What beer in Lviv called "orphan"? Why is one of the restaurants in the Marketplace beer mugs chains bolted to the tables?
The second tasting fresh beer in the colorful and mysterious restaurant. During the tasting, participants look bricked into the wall and see the money discoverer of mineral water "NAFTA".
The third wine. Hiking in the beer museum of "Lviv". Visit the museum, where you will learn what face -control Lviv brewers were in the XVIII century. and as the owner of the brewery Robert Doms, Jr. with the help of multi-colored chips struggled with corruption at the brewery.

Optional: breakfast, lunch at the restaurant "Robert Doms" (55UAH / person)
Cost of the tour - 150 UAH / person.
Included in the price:
Maintenance guide
Beer tasting (3 to 0.3)
Entrance fees to sightseeing facilities
Cost of the tour - 380UAH.


We invite you to tour the unique few drinks in Lviv, which you really do not know. This exciting journey unknown places of pre-war city. The journey is accompanied by the taste of the legendary Lviv beer.
10.00 - Meeting with the immigration service officer beer in Lviv. Breakfast in the picturesque restaurant in the city center (included in tour price). Great start to the day!
We start a walk through the historic center of the city. From the Market Square will go to the place where culture was born the legendary Lviv hooligans - "batjars." We shall see the glory of the place of outstanding criminal authorities, visited the former "place of execution". We will visit historical places Ukrainian, Jewish and Armenian quarters of the Old City. (Russian Church, Armenian Cathedral, the Roman - Catholic Cathedral, Boim Chapel).
13.00 Dinner at the best restaurant-brewery of the city - "Kumpel." Lunch followed by a tasting of 2 varieties of live beer (2 x 0.3). Familiarity with the technique of brewing only with us at will, have the opportunity to taste the original beer ice cream. Dinner is accompanied by live music fun.
14.00 - We continue our journey.
14.30 - Beer tasting in the former premises of the Armenian bank of the XVI century. Unusual secrets and history of the places where there were several interesting inventions (1 x 0.3).
15.30 - Visit to Lviv brewery and beer museum. We will visit the best in Ukraine exhibition of brewing. Next tasting of two beers (2 x 0.3).
And yet, during the trip you will find many interesting facts and anecdotes from the life of the "dark side" of the city. During the incident in each institution, participants receive special visas beer and beer only Ukrainian passport, and more - a lot of souvenirs from the company and pubs.
With us you will not be bored!
Each participant excursions officer service of Lviv beer (combined guide) hand over a beer passport and visa Lviv beer. Attention! These passports, visas, and souvenirs from the company - only representatives of "Kumpel Tour". Beware of imitations!
Cost of the tour - 380UAH.


10.00 Meeting with the guide. On request breakfast in the colorful restaurant near the Market Square. Our journey familiar to the majority of the guests and citizens of Lviv, Market Square and the surrounding streets, may be of interest, even those who have repeatedly visited Lviv. Architecture and pleasant atmosphere of the city, as always, we will be accompanied during the trip. A visit to the Roman Catholic cathedral, the Armenian Church, Boim Chapel, Old Russian and Jewish quarters.
But the most important thing! Our guide will pay attention to what to whom, when and why? Who first brought from Lviv kiwifruit to Europe? What was the cost of the first car in Lviv? What is hidden in an artificial hill on Mount High Castle? How much gold spent on the restoration of the Opera? During the tour we will show and discover the secrets of secret signs on the walls of Lviv temples and defensive walls. You will learn how to hide from enemies Lvov most valuable thing they had - water. Who are fondanserki and what they were doing?
All this and not only do we tell and show!
12:30 End of the tour. On request, we advise and reserve a place in a restaurant with this Lviv atmosphere.
Duration: 2.5 hours.
Price - 50UAH / person


It is a city that we love for what never know it until the end. Because every time we open like magic snuff-box, from which nobody knows what pops up. You think you've been here many times and know everything? Well, then try with us to give answers to the following questions:
- With what force for many years struggled Lviv chimney sweeps?
- What was hidden in Lvov artificial hill on Mount High Castle?
- How the inhabitants managed to magically win the Turkish army in the 17th century.?
- As power is futile struggling with the famous Lviv alchemists?
- How Lvov learned about the mysterious appearance of a train -prizraka?
- Where and why in the basement of the old town hid a real tractor?
If you do this enough - it does not matter! We'll show and tell you much more!
We'll show and tell you more!
Duration of the tour - 3 hours.
Price - 60 UAH / person


If by any chance I can not sleep at night, look out the window and see people with flashlights. Do not worry! This assistant mayor - they just keep your dream ...
When the evening in Lviv darkness sinks, and in dark corners begin to stir secrecy on the street, surrounded by faithful assistants, goes night Mayor - Mr. Shlyussel. It monitors the tranquility of residents and seeks offenders living on the dark side of the moon. And if suddenly Mr. Mayor ill, it will replace the faithful wife - Mrs. Zosia.
And not predict whether the clock on the town hall of trouble tonight? Do not lost the mayor key to the city? An accident in this dark night is not a lost soul looking for peace ...
Unexpected meetings, eerie legends, ghosts, secret rituals - all of this awaits you during a night trip. If you are not afraid to become an assistant to Mr. Shlyusselya - join us! For qualitative work, Mr. Mayor to let you into "workers of Lviv night service."
Help Mayor check out the city have the opportunity to everyone to adventure.
Every Friday and Saturday at 21:00
Entrance only with the invitation of the secret
Cost - 100UAH / person


We offer a special program for couples! Lions can be a wonderful city for two, when it comes to marriage anniversary, honey, or simply a romantic weekend escape.
Lviv - one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine! City where works wonders! City, where there is fall in love again ...
Our guide will tell you about the unforgettable love stories ... stories of old Lviv, which changed the city and its inhabitants. You will learn branded recipes "Lviv romance" Why Lviv lovers kiss for five minutes more? What did the mysterious "fondanserki"? As in Lviv looking for brides? What a terrible love story, because of the writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, has become a disease? We will open the mystery of the love of the artist Arthur and Wanda Grodgera Monet, King Vladislav and beauty Yadvishky. With those who are not afraid, we will visit the mysterious monument to witches hidden in the caves of the old pharmacy. And you can taste several varieties of chocolate in Lvov real chocolate factory or in one of the cozy Lviv confectionery. During our walk, we will visit the romantic attractions are included in the UNESCO list: the chapel Boim, the Roman - Catholic Cathedral, Armenian Church, passing the medieval quarters of the city, as well as look at the Lviv Opera House.
Duration of the tour - 2-3 hours.
Cost of the tour - 120 UAH / Hr.