Kavalier Boutique Hotel is located in the regional landscape park "Ascension" on the territory called "Kaiserwald". Literally, from German «Kaiserwald» is translated as "Kaiser Forest." It received its name in honor of the visit of the Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Franz Joseph I to Lviv.

In ancient times, this area consisted not only the forest but also the patrimony. This manor originally belonged to the generation of Alembek called "Alembek’s apiary." In the eighteenth century the founder of the famous Lviv kin and Frenchman by origin Francois de Logsham Berje becomes the owner of the manor. Franz Joseph stayed right in this place enchanted by the picturesque beauty.

Today an exclusive hotel «Kavalier Boutique Hotel» is built on this place. Just as in ancient times it attracts its guests by the indescribable beauty and history closely connected with the Emperor Franz Joseph and his beautiful wife Elizabeth of Bavaria (more known as Sissi). The history of this amazing couple is still admirable.

Kavalier Boutique Hotel - for connoisseurs of perfect rest.